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Bodyrox (HIIT)

From: N1500 / day


From: N1500 / day


From: N1500 / day

This is a fully comprehensive circuit training program with a HITT (high intensity interval training) foundation delivering rapid results engaging muscle tone, fat loss, improving stability, coordination, balance, flexibility and agility. Science behind uses 3 modes of training which are free body, resistance and weighted themes to target upper, lower body and core. preceding this is the aerobic and rhythmical warm up that will scorch those calories!

“strong is the new sexy”. Ever felt muscle fatigue after climbing steep stairs? Or from carrying the shopping home? Strengthrox is that workout with the wildcard factor incorporating the “crossfit” WOD structure delivering a dose of compound workouts that differ by the day! With AMRAP and PYRAMID formats

So you thought you were doing your best by spending hours running on a treadmill? Or nonchalantly riding your bike? RowRox is a totally unique and original concept exclusive to BODYROX STUDIOS harnessing the power of the rowing machine! You will not only be amazed at how much you can get done within an hour but also how versatile a rowing machine is.


From: N1500 / day


From: N1500 / day


From: N1500 / day

Most of us have either been to a “spinning” class or at least heard about one. Well we at IBX do everything with a twist and an extra edge. Ensuring you are not just getting the bare minimum but the best

Following the style of Max Interval Intensity workouts developed by American Superstar Shaun T. getting ripped never been so stylish.

Brutal nonstop action varying intense and combative movements to awaken your inner vigor!



From: N1500 / day


From: N1500 / day

A well sculpted booty goes a long long way! Immeasurably so buns of steel rock solid legs! Your bum and legs needs a lift? A better shape? Cellulite eradication? Need to get into that little dress? Well look no further and you know we gotta throw in tummy work too!

WE PUMP THOSE ABS!! and we burn that belly fat

This is pretty much an opening to learn about the equipment and an opportunity for the well seasoned gym users to just do their thing



From: N1500 / day


From: N1500 / day

You’ve already realize how much we twist stuff. We came up with our own yoga variation – infusion of fluidity, static and mechanical movements. Hope you are adventurous

Many of us have the notion that yoga is just for ladies or the elderly because it’s low intensity. Yes it is low intensity but do not underestimate the immense benefit and value for your mind, body strength & connection